Cabin & sauna

80 m²

2 bedrooms (main cabin, guest cabin)

5 beds

1 bathroom


After a day with hiking or skiing it's nice to light the fireplace and relax with friends and family in the cozy atmosfere. Enjoy the warmth in the wood burning sauna and barbeque in the evening sun next to the cabin.

The cabin is located in an old pasture, secluded with nature protected forest and with a view towards the little fell Löskevålen and the watercourse Storfjätan (200m).

📌 Animals and smoking are not permitted. Because of allergy in the family we ask you to avoid bringing clothes that have been in contact with animals.

”The house itself is cozy and comfortable and beautifully furnished. It is clean and equipped with everything you need.”

~ Merle, Germany

The livingroom

THE COSY LIVING ROOM with a fireplace and a spacious couch invites you to relax after a day of activities. There are board games and books.

The kitchen

THE BRIGHT KITCHEN is equipped with electric stove and oven, wood stove, spacious fridge and freezer, microwave, kettle, coffee maker and toaster. The woodstove's warmth gives pleasure for breakfast. Feel like baking? In the table drawer lies sometimes baking ingredients (sugar, cocoa, vanilla sugar etc), take what you need and pay for what you think it's worth ❤

The bedroom on upper floor

THE BEDROOM is very cosy and spacious. Here you find a double bed, three sleeping bunk beds, a sofa and a table.

📌 Note. Our accommodation is not suitable for familys with small children: The stair towards the upper floor – the only bedroom in the main house – is steep (almost like a ladder) and has no gate. There's only two barlings separating it from the livingroom (visible in the photo). You can see the upper floor and stair on film.

A guest house, a wind shed with barbeque facilities... and a hot sauna!

THE TIMBERED GUEST HOUSE, a small room of about 15 m², is for those who wish to bee alone for a while. The room is equipped with a bunk bed, wood stove, a small table and an electrical heater.

THE WIND SHED with a fireplace invites to barbeque, both summer and winter. There are seats for everybody.

”The sauna was fantastic – would go back just for that!”

~ Margaret Y, Germany

The sauna is woodburning and also has a warm water tank – Yes!

THE WOOD BURNING SAUNA is standing in the yard next to the wind shed. Here's room for at least 5 persons. One box of firewood is included in the rental price. If you need more, you can easily buy from us (100 kr/box). Wood is found in the woodshed. Enjoy the moment with friends. And hey! Don't forget to look at the beautiful starry night sky. The area has minimal light pollution, therefore you can see many stars a clear night...

Top tips to get a nice heat in the sauna!

1. Put the black rubber carpet over the hole (the floor drain) on the floor, this will make the sauna warm faster. Put the fire protection (metal plate) on the floor right infront of the fireplace .

2. Use birch wood to start the fire. It takes up to 2 hours to heat it up. The fireplace has no damper.

3. If you want to wash your self in the sauna: Fill the water tank. Then empty the heated water into the stainless bucket (mix with cold water if needed). Remove the rubber carpet from the hole on the floor (so the water can run through). Use the little bucket to pour water over your self or your friend. Enjoy! ❤

⚠️ Important routine in winter: Empty the water tank immediately after using the sauna – this to avoid ice braking.

Don't poor hot water directly on the floor.

The entrénce and toilet

THE ENTRENCE has plenty of hooks, coat hangers and shoe room. The air heater on the floor and a shoe dryer dries clothes quickly.

🔥 Due to fire risk: don't put clothes on the heaters.

TOILET, shower and sink.